Our Mission

Our mission is to design and develop innovative web-based products that will be effective, efficient, and affordable for the bussinesses we serve. To this end, we believe that communication and collaboration with our clients at all phases of development is essential. In particular, we seek to be an active partner in crafting new processes and workflows for the companies we work with so that we can help modernize, streamline, and, hopefully, revolutionize they way they do business.

Our Philosphy

We believe in maintaining a sharp focus on process when assessing the needs of our clients. We like to conduct extensive information-gathering meetings prior to beginning a project, so that we can help customers identify points of redundancy and inefficiency in their current work flow, and help redesign procedures in a way that will eliminate them. We strive to be not just another vendor, but a valuable partner in increasing productivity for every business that we work with.

Whenever possible we build our solutions on Open Source platforms and frameworks. Not only does this help keep costs manageable for our customers, but it means that any application we develop will start from a foundation of quality, security, flexibility. All of the software we utilize is widely-used and well documented, so you won't have to worry that your business relies on esoteric technologies that tie you down to a particular vendor for maintenance. This means that if you like the work we do, you can keep us around. If you don't, you are free to change vendors without jeopardizing the the solutions we have put in place for you.